We are extremely grateful for the past and current support of our research projects by the NIH, foundations, MGH and philanthropic support.  Our research is solely funded through grants.  Through tough funding climates, we have remained committed to our mission, asking important clinical questions focused on improving human health.

National Institutes of Health
K23HL080025: Genetic determinants of cardiac repolarization (Newton-Cheh, ’05-’10)
R01HL098283: Physiologic effects of natriuretic peptide genetic variation (Newton-Cheh, Wang ’10-’13)
R01HL113933: Physiologic profiling of sGC genetic variants (Newton-Cheh, ’13-’17)
R01HL124262: Genetics of cardiotoxic drug response to psychiatric therapy (Newton-Cheh, Perlis, ’15-’19)

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Clinical Scientist Development Award: Genetic determinants of QT interval, sudden death (Newton-Cheh, ’06-’10)

Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Career Award for Medical Scientists: Genomic dissection of QT interval duration and sudden death (Newton-Cheh, ’07-’13)

Harvard CTSC (UL1RR025758): Effect of Moxifloxacin on the QT interval (’09-’10)

MGH Institutional Support

Philanthropic support

Post-docs in our lab have had post-doctoral grants from the American Heart Association, the Heart Rhythm Society, the British Heart Foundation and the Cell and Molecular Training for Cardiovascular Biology training grant of the MGH CVRC (T32HL7208).