Najim Lahrouchi, MD

Najim Lahrouchi joined the Newton-Cheh lab as a post-doctoral research fellow to study the role of human genetic variation in cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and the QT-interval in the general population.

He completed his M.D. in The Netherlands after which he joined the group of Prof. Connie Bezzina and Prof. Arthur Wilde at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam as a PhD student. During his PhD he mainly focuses on elucidating the genetic architecture of the Long-QT syndrome (within the International Long-QT syndrome genetics consortium) and the molecular autopsy in sudden unexplained death cases. Furthermore, he continues to work on whole-exome or genome sequencing in consanguineous families with rare cardiac and multi-systemic disorders. His research efforts are supported by the Heart Rhythm Society’s Research Fellowships in cardiac electrophysiology.