Niek Verweij, PhD


Niek obtained a Marie-Curie-Fellowship (Horizon2020, European) to study genetic determinants and the mechanisms underlying electrically active cardiac mass. He joined the Newton-Cheh lab as part of a collaboration among UMCG, Groningen (Pim van der Harst), MIT (Laurie Boyer) and MGH (Chris Newton-Cheh). Niek’s focus is related to one central objective: to identify genetic variants that influence endophenotypes of cardiovascular disease and to understand their mechanisms, with a special interest for electrocardiographic traits that reflect cardiac conduction, myocardial mass and myocardial repolarization.

After studying Pharmaceutical Science (completed 2011) in Groningen, the Netherlands, Niek completed his doctoral research in 2015 at the Department of Cardiology (UMCG) where he was able to combine his interest in research with his affection for computers and programming. He enjoys going to music concerts, speed-skating, sailing, traveling, and playing in bands.