Our team

The Newton-Cheh laboratory is comprised of MD and PhD post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, research coordinators and medicine residents and cardiology fellows from the US and abroad. Skills of current lab members include computational biology, molecular biology, human patho-physiology and a general passion for translating the fruits of human genetics to an improved understanding of cardiovascular disease and development of novel therapies to reduce the burden of disease.  

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Chris Newton-Cheh, MD, MPH
Principal Investigator


Angie Cook
Administrative Manager
Tel 617 643 7995


Meredith Bradley, BS
Clinical Research Coordinator



Aaron Eisman, BS
Data Manager



Laurie Farrell, BS, RN
Project Manager



Marina Gago-Diaz
PhD Student


Courtney Karol, BA
Clinical Research Coordinator


Gulum Kosova, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Zachary Robbiano, BS
Clinical Research Coordinator



Rina Romano, BS
Clinical Research Coordinator


Mike Rosenberg, MD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Sabina Sayeed, BA
Clinical Research Coordinator


J. Gustav Smith, MD, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Kaitlyn Sullivan, BS
Clinical research coordinator



Niek Verweij, PhD
Postdoctoral research fellow


Connie Wu, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow